Welcome to the website of the International Congress of Metallurgy and Materials SAM-CONAMET / IBEROMAT 2014, in the frame of which the MATERIA 2014 Symposium will also take place.


The Congress will take place in Santa Fe, capital city of Santa Fe state, in Argentina between October 21st. and 24th., 2014. The United Nations (UN) has declared the year 2014 as the International Year of Crystallography, which is one of the most important areas for the study and characterization of materials.


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Authors whose extense works were accepted for the congress will have the opportunity to send them again for a second evaluation and subsequent publication (100 works maximum) in the Procedia Materials Science journal from Elsevier. For this, authors should format the work in english language and following the format given by this template (.ZIP file containing MS Word and LaTeX templates).

In turn, authors whose works were accepted for the MATERIA symposium will have the chance to send them again for, after a second evaluation, publication in the MATÉRIA journal. For this, the works have to be written in english, spanish or portuguese following strictly the guidelines and template of this journal. 

The deadline for submission of all works will be on December 29th. The works for the congress should be submitted in PDF format, together with the source files (Word or LaTeX), to congreso.materiales2014 @ gmail.com. In turn, the works for the symposium must be sent to materia @ labh2.coppe.ufrj.br.

Book of abstracts

The Book of Abstracts of the meeting is available in PDF.

Pendrive Content

The Pendrive Content is available in ZIP (~470 Mbytes). To download the file you should access here and then click the download arrow located on the top center.