Academic and Research Activities

The UNL is the 3rd oldest Higher Education Institution in Argentina, first founded in 1889 as the Santa Fe State University, and later absorbed by the Federal Government in 1919 as a National University. UNL is a well-known research university, with a growing international reputation in research areas such as Biochemistry, Engineering and Technology, and Social Sciences. Nowadays, the UNL embraces its three-fold mission of excellence in teaching, research and public service, accompanying the social and economic growth of Santa Fe city and the State of Santa Fe. Consequently, close links are maintained with industry, business, and partner universities at regional, national as well as international level. The outstanding profile and reputation of the UNL is indeed the outcome of the continuous effort of preeminent faculty, blended with the long standing tradition in research and development fostered by CONICET (The National Council for Scientific and Technical Research) in the area of Santa Fe City.

CONICET shapes most of the research activities performed in the region, with many of its research centers associated with the UNL and through its support to the Technology Park of Littoral-Centre (PTLC), which is the next step of Santa Fe's science-based growth. Located next to the UNL campus, the Santa Fe Scientific and Technological Center of CONICET -CCT CONICET Santa Fe- houses many well known research centers of international level and the PTLC. The Park provides incubation and acceleration for start-ups in high-technology fields, specifically those in biotechnology, pharmacology, information technology, chemical and food industry. As a partnership among the states of Santa Fe and Entre Ríos, CONICET, the UNL, the Santa Fe and Paraná City Halls and the private sector, the PTLC was created as a non-profit corporation in 2002. It is home to some of the most innovative start-up companies and research centers in the region. By clustering research and development with industry, and providing networking access to services and resources, the PTLC extends the reach of these businesses across the region and the country

foto1 foto1 Above: View of the UNL campus. Below: View of the CCT CONICET - Santa Fe

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