Call for Papers

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How to upload your paper
1- Login with your username and password (the one you used when uploading the abstract).
2- Click over "Author" link.
3- Either click your abstract title or "Awaiting Upload".
4- Click "Browse" to select only the PDF version of your paper, then click "Upload"
5- Click "Save and continue".
6- Follow same procedure to upload the original version of your paper in MsWord or LaTeX, and your figures within "Supplementary Files".
- You must submit your artwork/figures in a separate single file, with a preferred format of .TIFF or .EPS << see for reference Artwork.pdf within below>>.
- If you are working with LaTeX, you must submit the complete LaTeX set (inclusive .STY, .BST, .TEX, .DVI etc.).
- After uploading your figures, click "Save and continue".
7- Click "Finish Submission" to end the process.

For a more detailed explanation, including captures, CLICK HERE

Paper Format Information
In order to prepare your manuscript in two columns format, please read the complete list of instructions located on the following web page: All papers must be delivered in electronic form though two identical hard copies is required as well (one camera ready). If you have not done it yet, please download, sign the Consent to Publish Form, where you transfer the copyright of your contribution to Balkema, and mail it to

RCEM 2009 (CtP)
CC 217
3000 Santa Fe

If you are sending the paper by curier (DHL, Fedex, etc) remember to specify Carlos Vionnet or Aylen Carrasco as your contact person and the phone no. +54 (342) 4575234 ext 196/124 as the telephone reference.

Then, extract the file and read carefully the Readme.pdf file (including general indications about how to write your contribution to the conference), the Instructions.pdf file (containing a sample paper written either in MsWord or LaTex), and the Artwork.pdf file (containing instructions on how to submit your artwork -figures-)

Length is restricted to a minimum of 4 pages and a maximum of 7 pages. Keynote contributions are restricted to a maximum of 14 pages. The total final paper length includes all text, graphics, and appendices. Please note that the proceedings will not contain PowerPoint Presentations.

All expenses associated with the preparation, submission, and presentation of papers is the responsibility of the authors and co-authors. This includes camera-ready manuscripts and illustrations. An individual may not be the first author or presenter of more than one paper. To be included in the proceedings, the payment of the conference registration fees by at least one of the contributing authors per paper will be required.

Full manuscripts are due by May 11, 2009.

Please do not hesitate to e-mail us at if you need further assistance.

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