Pre-symposium Short-courses

In tune with the RCEM goals, the Water Science and Engineering Faculty (FICH) is proud to announce the realization of several fast-paced, intensive courses in topics related to field and laboratory measurements, river, coastal, and landscape evolution from September 14th to 19th, 2009, in Santa Fe, Argentina.
These short courses, to be delivered by renowned specialists, are intended for graduate students and young researchers as they will provide comprehensive training on practical aspects that normally require the use of field and laboratory techniques, or theoretical analysis and computational modeling as well. They offer a unique opportunity for the participants to interact with senior scientists and meet peers. Courses offered are:

A. Fluvial Geomorphology with Emphasis on Large Alluvial Systems,
E Latrubese, & C Ramonell (a1, a2, a3, a4, a5 )
B. Modeling of River Meandering and Streambank Erosion at Multiple
Scales, J Abad, & E Langendoen
C. Earth-surface Dynamic Modeling and Model Coupling, J Syvitski,
& E Hutton
D. Characteristics of Morphology and Sediment Transport in Lowland
Sand-bed Rivers, G Parker
E. Hydroacoustic Laboratory and Field Measurements, K Oberg,
D Parsons, & C García, (e1)
F. Sediment-Turbulent Flow Interactions,
C Villaret, A Davies, & K El Kadi Abderrezzak

Download schedule and courses content HERE

Emphasis is underway to facilitate the participation of young students by providing housing and meals at affordable cost. Some financial aid will be available for international participants prior to the Conference through NCED & PROSUL. Contact information will be provided soon.

Please register as soon as possible using our online system below. Courses registration will be assigned automatically on the basis of first-come, first-served. Nevertheless, efforts will be made to guarantee an opportunity for everybody interested in the courses.


If you are already registered through our Open Conference System for the RCEM 2009 skip the registration steps, just let us know name and email address. Otherwise, please fill in the following fields:

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Each student/participant won't be able to take more than two out of the six courses offered. In other words, a prospective participant can choose two courses between A or B and C or D, or eventually take only E or F (see table below).

Please check boxes as explained above:

A- "Fluvial Geomorphology", Latrubesse & Ramonell
B- "Modeling of River...", Abad & Langendoen
C- "Earth-Surface Dynamic...", Syvitski & Hutton
D- "Morphodynamics of Lowland...", Parker
E- "Hydroacoustic Lab...", Oberg, Parsons & García
F- "Sediment-Turbulent Flow...", Villaret, Davies & El Kadi Abderrezzak
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