Poster Session

Poster Presentation
The posters will be presented by their authors during the cocktail to be served on Tuesday, September 22nd, 2009 on the Santa Fe Brewery Company. A poster board will be available during the poster presentation having dimensions of 1.5 m in height by 2 m in width. There will be two posters presented side by side in each board, so please prepare your posters with a size no larger than, or equal to 1.20 m in height by 0.85 m in width so that both posters fit comfortably on the poster board.

Please, prepare your poster for the RCEM 2009 Symposium according to the following rule:

Poster format: A0 - portrait
Maximum height: 1.20 m
Maximum width: 0.85 m

Each poster must have a heading in very large type, 84 pt or greater. Your name and affiliation should also be noted in large type, around 72 pt. Text and lettering on illustrations or charts should be between 18 and 24 pt. Use a simple font such as Times, Arial or Helvetica throughout your presentation. You can also frame a section of text by putting a box around it. All material should be readable from a distance of 1.5 m or more. Any format that fits in the available space is acceptable.

Try to use a minimum amount of text in your poster and to maximize the use of colour figures to present the results. For that purpose use lowercase fonts with approximately 8 mm in size.

Poster Contest Awards
The Organizing Committee is strongly committed to making a stimulating poster exhibition session for all participants. All nominees will receive diploma duly signed by the RCEM Advisory Committee and the Organizing Committee. In addition, the 1st prize members of the winning poster team will receive two hand-made leather jackets either for woman or men in any size and for the 2nd prize members of the team will receive two leather handbags of their choice. In case that more than two members of the team nominee are present for the occasion, additional prizes will be available from the sponsor at a special discount. The prizes for the poster competition can be seen below.

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