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The Argentinean Currency is ARS - Argentinean Peso, which an exchange rates of about 3.12 Argentinean Pesos per 1 US Dollar (as of 04/15/07), and 4.71 pesos per 1 Euro.

Note: In Argentina, the $ symbol represents an amount in Argentinean Pesos. Rarely, in goods sold only to foreigners, you will encounter a price in USD which will be represented by U$S or US$.

VAT Return: At the airport you may obtain a VAT reimbursement corresponding to any purchases made within the country for an amount over $70 (per invoice) and in shops operating with the "Global Refund" system. Always ask for the invoice to the retailers.

Payment Methods: Although US Dollars and Euros are generally taken everywhere, foreign currencies can be exchanged in most banks and authorized bureaus (in Santa Fe go to "Tourfe", located in San Martín and Tucumán Streets, in downtown). American Express, VISA, Diners and Master Card are widely accepted.

Opening Hours:

Tips: 10% of the amount of the check is usually left in cafeterias and restaurants. Doormen, porters, and ushers in cinemas and theatres are also generally tipped.

Phone Calls: Public telephones work with cards that can be bought either in convenient stores or "kioscos" and call centers, here named as "locutorios". To make a long distance call inside the country you must dial 0 (zero) followed by the area code of the corresponding city before the number. To call abroad you must dial 00 (double zero) and the prefix of the respective country before the number The prefix of Argentina to call from abroad is 54 and to call to telephones located in the city of Buenos Aires you must add the local code 11.

Time, Electricity, Weights and Measures: The official Argentine hour is 3 (three) hours less to that of Greenwich. The electricity used is of 220 v (volts) and 50 Hz (Hertz). The unit of measure for weigh is the Kilogram, and for distance is the meter and its derivations: the millimeter (0,001 meter), the centimeter (0,01 meter) and the Kilometer (1000 meters).

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