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PPI (Plan Position Indicator): One of the most used products. To deduce qualitatively through the reflectivity (dBZ) precipitable water concentration in the medium. It gives the data closer to the ground and works both in normal mode and Doppler.

SRI (Surface Rainfall Intensity): Generates a quantitative picture of the rainfall intensity (mm/h) at a constant height above the ground (1 km).

MAX (Maximun Display): Provides a high reflectivity (dBZ) for each latitude / longitude and altitude, given a set of vertical planes equally spaced in longitude / latitude.

PAC (Precipitation Acumulation): It is the accumulation of precipitation (mm) in a time span of 12 hours.

HWIND (Horizontal Wind): This product shows the wind speed and direction (symbolized in bars Beaufort Scale of Wind Force) at a height of 250 meters.


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