Universidad Nacional del Litoral (UNL) was established under National Act Nº 10.861, which was enacted on October 17th, 1919. The university is the result of the 1918 university reform movement in Argentina, which advocated for the creation of democratic and self-governing institutions to provide free, open and public higher education. These ideas eventually spread to much of the rest of Latin America.

UNL was born as a regional university, with schools and institutes in the cities of Santa Fe, Paraná, Rosario and Corrientes.

The “Rectorado” building, whose construction was completed in 1935, houses the university’s administrative and governing bodies. This fine building has played host to events that have been real milestones in Argentina’s political, institutional and academic life, among which we can mention the 1957 and 1994 Constitutional Reform Assemblies whose members convened at the Paraninfo hall.

“Rectorado” and the UNL’s School of Law and Social Sciences are located in the same historical block in the heart of downtown Santa Fe and were designated as listed buildings in 2017.