If you want to complete a full degree program at the UNL, the university offers the following courses and programs, available at different levels and learning modalities.

UNL’s academic offering is divided into:

–  Undergraduate Programs, which comprise Upgrade Courses, especially aimed at students with a non-university degree; Associate’s Degrees, which take 2 to 3 years to complete, and “Licenciaturas” or Bachelor’s Degrees, which take 4 to 6 years to complete.
–  Postgraduate Programs, which include Postgraduate Diplomas, Master’s and Doctoral Degrees.

At UNL you will have the possibility of studying, engaging in research and building your future. As a part of this community, you will also have enriching experiences that will enhance your professional training.

Read our guide for international applicants to learn about each step of the admission/application process.

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In case you are interested in undertaking a one semester student mobility at UNL’s in-person undergraduate programs see How to apply here.