The UNL’s Health and Wellness Office through its sports section offers students, and academic and non-academic staff the chance to participate in different activities across a range of sports.  Competitive as well as recreational sports are available at Predio UNL-ATE in the city of Santa Fe, at the FAVE Campus and “Club Juventud Unida” Recreation Center in the city of Esperanza, and at the School of Food Analysis in the city of Gálvez.

UNL regularly organizes intramural sports activities and extramural tournaments. In October, it also organizes its traditional marathon that has become a classic. The university competes at various inter-varsity competitions at the regional and national levels, and every two years it participates in the National Universities Games.

Predio UNL-ATE

In 2006, UNL and Asociación de Trabajadores del Estado (ATE) (State Workers’ Union) jointly opened a Recreation Center right in the heart of Santa Fe campus, on the eastern promenade by the Setúbal lagoon. It is just a few meters away from Santa Fe’s iconic suspension bridge called “Puente Colgante” and next to the ecological reserve.