The Global Competitiveness Program for SMEs (whose acronym in Spanish is GCPyMES) aims at training students to give SMEs counsel to improve their international competitiveness.

This program has been jointly developed by the UNL’s Faculty of Economics and the Università Politecnica delle Marche’s Faculty of Economics “Giorgio Fuà” (Ancona, Italy). It is based on a ten-year-long initiative originally designed by the foregoing Italian institution in partnership with Ohio University College of Business (USA).

The objective is to help students acquire the skills to work in multicultural environments and offer solutions to real problems encountered by companies in Santa Fe and surrounding areas (Argentina). The assignments tackle different aspects of the companies’ international performance. By the end of the program, students have to create a business plan and send it to the companies’ executive management team. Professors from both schools act as tutors and counselors.

The program is taught in English.

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