International Mobility Program at UNL (PROINMES-UNL and other programs)

Mobility opportunities regarding UNL’s in-person undergraduate programs taught in the cities of Santa Fe and Esperanza.

Steps in the nomination and application process:

Step 1 – Students’ nomination by their home university

The home university’s International Mobility Office has to send an e-mail to stating the full names, passport copy and e-mail addresses of the nominated students, the length of their stay, the invoked mobility agreement in force, and the program, subjects or courses to be attended by the students (deadlines for nomination: mid April / mid October).
It is an essential requirement that the student has a valid passport for their entire stay at UNL at the time of nomination, because it is a required document for the visa process.

Step 2 – Students’ registration in UNL’s GEA System

Once the students are registered in UNL’s GEA System ― an online system for registering exchange program students ―, they will have an account created and they will receive an auto-reply message by mail with their username and password, and the user guide to access the GEA system.

Step 3 – Students’ online application

Students must then complete an online application by the appropriate deadline, taking into account the instructions mentioned in the user guide to the GEA system. They will have to provide personal and academic information and upload supporting documents to the system in digital format. All this information will then be used to prepare and complete their Learning Agreement.

Application Deadlines:

1st semester (March to July): 5th November of the previous year.

2nd semester (August to December): 5th May.

No extensions of the deadlines will be made, due to visa processing times.

Step 4 – Assessment of students’ application by UNL

The university will assess the students’ application form and may suggest modifications to any of the documents uploaded to the GEA system. Students will need to pay special attention to the Learning Agreement, where they will choose the subjects they would like to study during the exchange period.

Step 5 – Students’ acceptance

Once the students’ application is accepted, the UNL’s International Mobility Office will write a formal letter of acceptance that will be uploaded to the GEA system together with the necessary information to ensure a positive outcome.

UNL’s International Mobility Office Contact Information

Tel: +54 (0342) 4575135 – 4571220 – 4571219

Casa internacional –9 de Julio St. 2655 – Santa Fe

Internationalization and Institutional Development Office – Secretaría de Desarrollo Institucional e Internacionalización

Universidad Nacional del Litoral (UNL)