Every year the university receives hundreds of visiting students, professors, researchers and professional staff from abroad, who come to Santa Fe to perform academic and administrative tasks. With this in mind, it has developed an Accommodation Service System (whose acronym in Spanish is SAVE).

Accommodation for Visiting Faculty Members

UNL has five fully furnished apartments in two traditional neighbourhoods in Santa Fe city to accommodate visiting faculty members and/or researchers coming from foreign as well as domestic institutions ― two are located in Recoleta neighbourhood, just a few minutes’ walk away from UNL’s Rectorado (the university’s main building that houses the President’s office, the Paraninfo hall and different academic and administrative bodies); and three in Candiotti neighbourhood.

In Esperanza city, UNL has a hall of residence for professors that can accommodate up to four guests in two twin rooms. It is located next to the School of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine.

The hall of residence and the apartments are fully furnished. They include basic utilities such as air conditioning and heating, and also offer cable TV and Internet Wi-Fi services, bed linen and towels, and cleaning service on a weekly basis.

Accommodation for Foreign Students

Halls of residence in the city of Santa Fe (RAE 1 and RAE 3)

RAE 1 is located at UNL’s Casa Internacional in downtown Santa Fe. It can accommodate 37 students and is therefore SAVE’s biggest and most important hall of residence. It also houses the Student Exchange Office and the International Service Unit (USI for its acronym in Spanish) of the Internationalization and Institutional Development Office.

RAE 3 is also located in downtown Santa Fe, only a few minutes´ walk away from UNL´s Casa Internacional. It can accommodate 12 students.

In both RAE 1 and RAE 3 there are kitchen facilities, a dining room, bathrooms, patios, bedrooms, and reading and study rooms.

Hall of residence in the city of Esperanza (RAE 2)

RAE 2 is located in Esperanza next to the School of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine. It can accommodate 21 students and has kitchen facilities, a dining room, a TV room, study rooms, laundry facilities, a patio and en-suite bedrooms.

The halls of residence for foreign students offer telephone, cable TV and Internet Wi-Fi services, and bed linen and towels.