The university offers a wide variety of language courses aimed at both domestic and foreign students. Furthermore, UNL is an authorized exam centre where students can take different international language proficiency tests.

Studying Spanish at UNL

UNL aims at facilitating foreign students’ cultural immersion process; therefore, its language centre ― called Centro de Idiomasoffers them Spanish as a Foreign Language courses so that they can improve their communication skills and make the most out of their time in our country.

Students coming from non-Spanish speaking countries can take the Certificate of Spanish: Language and Use test (CELU) at UNL’s Centro de Idiomas. CELU is an internationally acknowledged proficiency test which enjoys high academic prestige.

Contact UNL’s Centro de Idiomas (Language Centre) – Santa Fe

1750 San Jerónimo St., Santa Fe city

Opening Hours: from 8:00 to 19:00

Telephone Number: +54 (0342) 4585613/14