How to Get to Santa Fe

Travel Arrangement
If you need help to get to Santa Fe City, we advise you to contact the travel Agency "Equilibrio Turismo" at, ( They will assist you to organize your trip from Buenos Aires to Santa Fe, by bus or by plane.

Options are:
1. You are on your own (e.g, you. get to Santa Fe following our advices. Read below "Entry Port" and thereafter)

2. You can get your ticket to travel directly to Santa Fe by bus/van (Tienda León) departing from Ezeiza Airport at the following times Tienda León, Ezeiza - Santa Fe: 04:15, 09:25, 13:55, 22:05
USD 70 / $ 270

3. You can be assisted by personal from Equilibrio Turismo for

 3.1 Transferring from Ezeiza to Aeroparque (to catch your domestic flight)

 3.2 Traveling directly to Santa Fe with a Tienda de Leon bus. Alternatively, they may arrange to send a minibus (for 15 or 19 passengers) directly to pick you up at Ezeiza Airport. The minibus is quite comfortable for the 6hr, nonstop trip, to get to Santa Fe. The cost is about USD 40 if the bus is full; otherwise it will depend on the number of passengers. In order to proceed, we need to confirm your flight number, and date of arrival. Please, address your inquiry at or contact us directly at This is the best option in case you are not able to book a ticket to flight from Aeroparque (Buenos Aires) to Sauce Viejo (Santa Fe)

 3.3 Transferring to a local Hotel in Buenos Aires for the time you wish till you decide to come over to Santa Fe
(check with for options)

Let us know at if you need further help to arrange your trip to Santa Fe

Entry Port
The entry port to Argentina is the Ezeiza International Airport, where foreign participants to RCEM 2009 will have to check before the Argentinean Immigration Service and possibly before the Custom Service. Please check with the Argentinean consulate or embassy nearest to you for visa policy, if any, and procedures to travel to Argentina.

Once at Ezeiza Airport, there are three ways to reach Santa Fe:

If none of above works, the organizing committee will put a contingence plan to bring you all here to Santa Fe. Please, let us know your flight number, company, and expected date and time of arrival.
Check the official site of Ezeiza Airport for instructions how to leave and reach the terminal at For a domestic flight or bus connection you will either transfer to Aeroparque Airport or get to Retiro Bus Station. Manuel Tienda León and Transfer-Express (tel: +54(011) 5480 0196) provides a quite reliable shuttle service from both airports. You will find the Manuel Tienda Leon counter when you get to the Arrivals Hall at Ezeiza Airport, just after collecting your luggage and passing custom services. Buses run every 30 minutes from early in the morning until late in the evening. It costs around 30 Argentinean pesos with this door-to-door service included. If you intend to use this service to travel to Santa Fe, you have to book the service well in advance. Check for details.

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By Domestic Flights (Option A): Santa Fe can be accessed directly by air from Buenos Aires "Jorge Newbery" Airport, commonly named "Aeroparque". Book your domestic flights from Buenos Aires to Santa Fe, or the round trip, well in advance. There are scheduled flights to Santa Fe from Buenos Aires. Few flights leave daily from Aeroparque to Santa Fe Airport "Sauce Viejo" and flight time is approximately 1 hour. Scheduled Flight Information follows.

From Buenos Aires to Santa Fe
Company Frequency Departure  Arrival 
Aerolíneas Argentinas Monday to Thursday 06:45 07:43
Aerolíneas Argentinas Friday 18:05 19:03
Sol Líneas Aerea Monday to Friday 06:30 07:40
Sol Líneas Aerea Monday to Friday 14:00 15:10
Sol Líneas Aerea Monday to Friday 19:20 20:30
Sol Líneas Aerea Saturday 09:00 10:10

From Santa Fe to Buenos Aires
Company Frequency Departure  Arrival  
Aerolíneas Argentinas Monday 08:18 09:08
Aerolíneas Argentinas Tuesday to Thursday 08:13 09:54
Aerolíneas Argentinas Friday 19:38 20:28
Sol Líneas Aerea Monday to Friday 08:00 09:10
Sol Líneas Aerea Monday to Friday 15:30 16:40
Sol Líneas Aerea Monday to Friday 20:50 22:00
Sol Líneas Aerea Saturday 10:30 12:15
Sol Líneas Aerea Sunday 19:20 20:30

Aerolíneas Argentina:
Sol Líneas Aereas:

Airport Contacts:

By Bus (Option B): If you are thinking on travelling by Bus from Buenos Aires to Santa Fe, you may take a bus from Retiro Bus Station which is about 50 minutes from the Ezeiza Airport. The best way to reach the bus terminal is with the transfer service at Manuel Tienda Leon from Ezeiza Airport to Tienda León Terminal, which is located nearby the Retiro Bus Station. Once in the Tienda León Station, take a shuttle service to Retiro Bus Station. Please, check with Once in the bus terminal, be aware of pick-pockets.

A great variety of bus companies and routes are available to travel to many destinations of Argentina. Buses offer sleeping beds along with both budget and first class seats. Some seats even fold into beds for passenger comfort. Bus travel in Argentina is considerably more comfortable than plane travel, including meal service and other amenities depending of the destination and cost. Santa Fe city is about six hour journey from Buenos Aires. Bus tickets can be purchased at Retiro Bus Station. Additionally, Manuel Tienda Leon offer some transfers directly from Ezeiza Airport that have to be booked with some time in advance. Terminal de Ómnibus de Retiro: Address: Av. Antártida Argentina y Calle 10, Capital Federal,

Buses Company: Flecha Bus, Address: Terminal Retiro, Boleterías 141 a 146,

Departure Arrival Service Price in ARS pesos
0:30 6:20 Sleeping bus 68.0
9:15 15:00 Sleeping bus 68.0
10:15 16:00 Sleeping Bus 68.0
11:30 17:15 Executive and Suite Bus 73.0 / 83.0
13:15 19:00 Semi-Sleeping and Sleeping Bus 59.0 / 68.0
14:15 20:00 Sleeping Bus 68.0
16:15 21:40 Executive Bus 73.0
17:00 23:00 Sleeping Bus 68.0
18:00 23:45 Semi-Sleeping Bus 59.0
19:50 1:40 Semi-Sleeping and Sleeping Bus 59.0 / 68.0
22:00 3:45 Executive and Suite Bus 73.0 / 83.0
23:15 5:15 Semi-Sleeping Bus 59.0
23:59 5:45 Executive bus 73.0

By Car Rental: Most international rent a car companies operates within Argentina (Alamo, Hertz, Avis). You may rent a car at Ezeiza and drop it at the local agency in Santa Fe. Check with their respective web pages,, A word of caution; before leaving Ezeiza Airport make it sure you are familiar with the road to Santa Fe City.

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